Pipeline Strainers

Fabrotech Industries
cast iron y-type strainer,simplex basket, duplex basket,orfice plates
Fabrotech Industries
Pipeline Strainers Cast and Fabricated

  • Y-Strainers in bronze, cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Connections in NPT, SW, BW and flanged through 2500 lb
  • Simplex and duplex basket strainers cast and fabricated through 16" and 600 lb
  • Replacement screens, temporary cone & basket strainers
  • Orifice plates.

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Pipeline Strainers
Spirax Sarco

Spirax Sarco provides knowledge, service, products and turnkey solutions for the control and efficient use of steam, air and other industrial fluids for industrial and commercial users in the United States.

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Spirax Sarco Strainer

Titan Flow Control

A Titan Suction Diffuser, while functioning as a strainer to prevent foreign particles from harming a pump, also has straightening vanes that reduce turbulence in the flow and alleviate stress and erosion on the pump. Titan manufactures each diffuser with a mesh start-up screen that can be removed after the diffuser's start up period. Just one Titan Suction Diffuser replaces three products in a typical pump set up: an elbow, strainer, and an entry pipe.

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