Ball Valves

Flo-Tite Ball Valves

Flo-TiteFlo-Tite Ball Valve
  • Floating flanged end ball valves, full and standard port up to 600 ANSI Class
  • Trunnion mounted ball valves up to 2500 ANSI Class
  • Three piece threaded, flanged, socket & butt weld ball valves
  • 3 & 4 way multi-port ball valves
  • Cryogenic ball valves
  • Flush bottom tank valves
  • Safety exhaust (deadman handle) three piece ball valves
  • Sanitary three piece ball valves
  • Commercial threaded 1 & 2 piece ball valves
  • V-port modulating ball valves
  • Forged bar ball valves (USA made)
  • Pnuematic and electric actuation

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